2021      P makes first visit to World Tourism Attractions 
						I experienced as a platform worker in Korea. O2O(Online to Offline), crowd worker ,

                        cyber one ,two. Ubiquitous worker

 		                05to07		(E:) 9pictures.com/notepad/9PG > www.9pictures.com/index.htm 		https://to-do.microsoft.com/auth/callback	
                         19to 23					Park Benjamin. G.Paul Artificial Intelligence	

                        A daily partime worker , Artist P , Web Writer ,film maker, Golfer, Founder , English Teacher,
                        R&D Scientist and Youtube Golf R$D, international student.

                        I've been tring to create and do something new or strange since 20000625P such as OneNoteRvoice and 

                        Wordictation on 9Pictures.com

                        FTP V5.33

                         << FTP:257"/htdocs"
                         >>CWD /htdocs/
                         << FTP:250 Directory successfully changed.