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9Picturesoftware Research&Development Group 9Picturesystem organization R&D Team
2008 Laber Certificate ETA job position ranking 1 computer software engineer 2 computer system analysister3 computer information system manager
Nation 1 india :8,127p 2 china :1,089 3 korea :1654p
Robert Buttrick
Cable and Wireless (C&W)
thinkinnovation memo for a brain PM
moneyclip platinum chopin pen
Korea government will hire 10 people in a year
Microsoft Dynamic CRM
we deliver knowledge for all. seoulists need at least +3,440,000 in a month
Microsoft Front page2000 for creating homepage
Outlook for people management, PhotoDraw for creating pictures , premiere cs4 , photoshop
budgets for going abroad : 5,000 $ - 10,000$ -20,000$
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 but pictures files and webpage files didn't open . what on earth ? why?
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Psoftwares.htm on his new gadgets
I had been tried to wear contact lens. but I couldn't make it.
Collect psoftwares and use them on
Hard Copy data on OneNote with a wireless printer which was made by
Samsung and review and rewrite them,
Let's go to the next new cutting edge for 9Pictresystem with good people.

I had been sweeping snow for almost 2 hour.
When I think of something , it can type and speak it on special system.

"What's up on your mind?"
"I'm thinking of biz plan."
"What's your contents?"
"I wanna create new or strange in 21c."
3번듣고 3번 설명 3번 연습
Write and print and read out and dictate what I think or speak on 9PicturesAIsystem.
He stood me up for a date.
"So , Are you going to break up with him?"
"I don't know . I mean he's got a big heart."
"I really like his sense of humor."
"Yeah, he is a good guy."
"Well ,We'll talk and maybe We'll be able to work it out."
make up with sbd. 화해하다.
we can work it out.

I could day off yesterday.
I'm sorry
I couldn't respond to you quickly.
I am able to help u this weekend.
Sorry, we are not able to get there on time.
My son won't able to go to school tomorrow. b
You must drive under the speed limit.
                 not smoke in the house.
You must keep this rule in mind.
이 규칙을 명심하고있어야해.
We must not worry about such a small thing.
Watch out
You must not stand in the bike line in corphenhagen.
Happiness is nothing more than health and bad memory.
A mr. Lee called you 10 minutes ago.
미스터  Lee가 몬가하는사람이10분전에전화했어요.
A beauty : 미녀 한 사람
She was a beauty. 그녀가 옛날에 미인이었다.
사랑하는 사람이 아름다운데 웃어주면 무너지겠죠.
웃어요 웃어봐요 사는게 그런거죠 
We have much rain in summer. 
꿈의 결과를 그려보고,비전을세우고,
설계도를 검토하라
Draw the results of your dreams, 
build your vision, and Review the blueprint
Miss Johnson .can I talk to you for sconds?
"Sure.What can I do for you?"
Well, I'm overworked these days.요즘일에 치여 살거든요
I've been working until nine everynight.
Yes, I know you've been working hard. and I do appreciate it.
It's important to be yourself.
Manhattan on the screen at off return team.

I've got something new on Friday lunch such as dukboggi, sundae 
It doesn't connect one note. I think that it hasn't internet.
Not wireless sync between cellphone and labtop 
He practiced next new wireless typing on new panel in U.S.
He across the street from logiport to a small soccer stadium.
I've been worked for about 3months at nike offline.
When I talked to a man ,
I saw Manhattan Screen on the computer at Nike offline Return Team.
A bald man said to me "Server will be transferred  from Hongkong to Singapore "

He ate rice with hongkong spagetti black souce
after lifting up and down tons of nike shoes and apparel
fashion item in a logistics.
Today,I got bllod from my nose during he shampo
I'm a littlle tired. i don't want to OT.
I tag along with you for 1night 2days.
Golf tour.
It's too heavy to move when I travel to gangnam.
My right arm is killing me. No more lifting tons of boxes
Where are you heading?
9floor to check Native Speaker's class.
Thank you for coming by to have dinner with me.
The relationship between Tom and Jany develops quickly and they end up morning in together.
They said they wanted to discuss the new contract terms.
Can you sum up your life experience in three words?
What i love about this lab most is that it's so light.
I think we should go to Florida for vacation this year.
The man and woman fall in love at the end.
He sits down next to the fire in a house.
He feels it's getting to be warm and can hear
sound from his ears.
It's dark and full moon shining.
We should find middle ground here.
I liked teaching E,so that's what brought me into English education.

1 Corinthians 10장

31. Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
King Star
목표와 계획을세워라ACTIONP
Birdies in 9 rows
play golf as listening to music for happiness.
도쿄 홍콩투어 루트개발butcoronavirustopmoving
랩탑으로 웹페이지 리디자인
공부의고수들 독서법읽기의기술
이일로 행복할까기준으로선택하는것
설렘이 있는일에 인생을 걸고
스티븐 호킹왈 아무리 어려운
인생이라도 당신이 할 수 있고 성공할 수있는것은 언제나 있다.
우리의 나태함을 깨우는 회초리 같은말
당신 발을 내려다보지말고고개 들어 달과 별을바라보라
그프로그램은 made me laugh.
The boss goes everyone home early today.

It was generous of you to lend money.

In air Seoul 
Flight attendants are busy to serve customers as soon as a monster which is taking off from kumamoto airport.
Some people are waiting for purchasing goods which had no tax.
It's a good memory during this short journey.
next to me son and mother ate together.
We didn't notice that sabusau isn't prepared on the table.
Two men  drop by to buy something in the street of kumamoto.
He asked an employee " can i use a credit card to buy this small red umbrella?"
Yes, Mastercard is okay
What time will it be closed?
Kuji nine o'clock 
Okay we'll come back again."
"Singihanae hihanhanae"
A man didn't spend much time to type in English in a hotel.
Zome people are buying snacks during the flight.
Ear sound on a flight is not strange.
8jo 11jo 
Can you jot down about your flight?♡

They warned us not to eat the fish.
If you want to succeed in the world market.
We must invest money into education.
He left home ,he never return hi

재판부는 또 석탄을 캐고 굴을 뚫는 작업은 모두 최대 100데시벨 이상의 소음을 낸다며, 김 씨의 소음성 난청은 산재보상법이 정한 기준(85데시벨 이상의 연속음에 3년 이상 노출)에 비춰 업무상 질병으로 볼 수 있다고 설명했습니다

"돈모아둔거없냐?남자친구라고해준게모냐?"왈 그녀의모


I'm too old to stay up all nights.

국민14.95를23개월1200을거치5개월로받았다고기업은행카드에서19프로700 36개월한도를바로없애버렸네

Lotte castle park nine 
Paris Baguette-1800 LGU+membership happypoint?
I didn't get on a shinbundang line because there are no space to put me into a vehicle which made by irons. A monster slept too much about 10-12hours.
I'm not much of cold wind from air conditioner in a subway.
It takes 1hour from 88 to 909
38.5km 1liter 20km? 3000won or4000won 
He throws a vinel into a trash after eating a sausage and cheeze pastry as walking toward a subway station. He looked at some small fish and big fish were going up against flowing of water in a stream. He put his heavy backpack and a tripod on a seat for pregnant women.
-2450won from jeonja to samsung
Paulnymc 9picturesik
방송대영어영문 certification is in a cabinet in Seoul.

The14th job fair for foreign invested company in 2019.

어떻게오셨어요?"아 그냥보는거에요?" said paul
여기에는 심층면접 신청하신분들만 입장가능한거에요.
Printing room 
북미관을 둘러보다 푸른눈의 외국인이 면접을 보는 것이 신기했다.미국계기업에 영문이력서를 들고 한국젊은 여자 담당관과 한국어로 면접 ㅋ
점세개안에 다시실행을 누르니 실수로 지워진 글이 복원되었다.
First labtop is Hyundai , Secon is 
무거운가방 그리고 카메라다리를 메고
다니기가 불편한건 사실이다.
외투기업 6월에 박람회하는이유?
한국에 몇개기업이 들어와 있나?
투자금액과 시장규모는?
Portrait of a young woman
What did you speak?
I'm interested into AI 
I checked out a chucky because i want to see a special scene about AI robot.
A comapny based on Hong kong will be releasing on December.
How much is it? 
It'll cost an arm and a leg.
mixed cultural
He told about Thailand tour 
'' What's a purple zone ?''
"If I have some time , I'd like to join and free talk."
"I'm a founder of I need good and smart people and angel capital for developing my com."
"What're you selling?"
"I'm toying it. I have no products to sell but I'll develop and research them for"
I have finished a term paper.
Doesn't he have a daughter?
Never did I see such a pretty woman.

Robot arm for lifting easily in logistics in the world.
He usually used a lifter to protect his right arm pain.$10

I think that if PAI could write DB , interpretater , and etc instead of human Paul. 


"How much money can we make for the idea?
그 아이디어로 얼마나 많은 돈을 벌 수 있는가?" saidAIRobotPaul
biz planning
Love Scene 

"Can i kiss you?"
"It's been a long time since i kissed a woman."
10~12m putt miss
Descending approach sank miss
25m approach miss 58
3~5m putt miss 
50m left foot up 58w 뒷땅?
70m A miss
105 9 miss
90 p miss
He bought junbok and bulgogi chobop at the department store of shinsaegae.
Two guy's artravel on Saturday morning.
There are tons of food to eat in Seoul.
He took pictures toward Jogachi.
When I turn down the deal, he walked away and cursing at me.
He decided to use gift to improve his love life.
"Sure, I can it done by tomorrow. " 내일까지 해놓을수있어
"What a relief " 안도가되네
What time should i come to pick it up?
조지쿠르니  친구들에게 1백만달라씩 준거 세금으로 국가에 뺏기느니 증여를 택한것인가?
미국세법을 들여다봐야겄군
I parked my car under the bridge which laid subway rails.
I walked toward the subway.
I missed the train at 8:51A.M.
"minus 2 degrees.It's cold."
I was wondering why  I speak in English?"
I'm wearing puma spikeless golf shoes because I didn't wash a black sneakers and a white shoes
for summer. 
Check pants and white jacket and red wilson jumper and red lPga cap and 50 stars and stripes
flag ball marker and black kolong mask.
Where on earth is a black and white and fat cat?
He brought 4tangerines and a small pack of ginsang juice.
I sent sms to some employers but I didn't send one of webpages : /9picturesresume.htm
because I didn't rewrite them siince i got fired in 2004.
A boss let me go home.
I've been living as a daily worker in Korea.
Whenever I make it a rule to keep a diary or write some essay.
Less speaking languages and more writing in the corona pendemic period.

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