hit the road for creating something.						9PicturesTimeManagement						Have you ever been to NewYork before?				
								April	2019									
					m	t	w	T	f	s	S			Charles Douglas Barnard 				
				5:00				The Bible		Pray								
march	kumamotoairport			6:00			hiking	EBS	TOEIC					cash flow 				
April	hongkong			8:00		GolfPratice		French	Japanese	outlook 2019						
May	tokyo			9:00		ispeaking displine 				BenJamin Gabriel Paul Park's Golf Course				
June						K3	9PicturesGolfilmaking											
July									ArtScreen		ArtPicturescreating 			He is on part of professional in golf tourism industry.				
August				12:00			Microsoft Office 365		EBS TOEIC with Google Assistant 									
September						/index.htm						Paul still plays golf everyday.				
October				6:00				swimming			Park Benjamin. G.Paul							
November							PrivateLesson 		movie	starbucks					notebook9  130,000points			
December				11:00 			 					starbucks	60,000		
				12:00			EBS